Dismantling & Engineering Services Birmingham

With PBM Contractors, dismantling buildings step by step is as smooth as silk. With an experienced team, we can take apart any structure easily. Our dismantling services limit damage and remove salvageable parts for reuse.

Our Dismantling services involve carefully taking apart a building or part of a building, without causing damage to remaining or adjacent structures. Our team of dismantling experts and engineers use innovative and conventional techniques, depending on the best tool for the job.

Dismantling Techniques we may deploy include:

  • Hot Cutting
  • Cold Cutting
  • Hand demolition
  • Unbolting

These are slow, careful techniques that ensure the structure is taken apart without causing damage to nearby buildings.

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When Might We Use Dismantling vs Demolition?

Dismantling often refers to taking something apart piece by piece. However, when we have concrete, cement and plaster, dismantling in construction and demolition is not so simple. In this context, we dismantle structures by carefully removing each part. Dismantling specifically would often apply to structures that are constructed from metal frames, such as bridges, stadium seating, gas and water towers or extended buildings. We often dismantle buildings or structures when clients want to salvage, recycle or reuse parts.

Dismantling in Construction

Our expert team have years of training and experience to ensure that the dismantling we conduct runs smoothly and predictably, following recognised safety regulations throughout. We use a combination of conventional and new techniques including hot cutting, hand demolition, cold cutting and unbolting to ensure the building or structure is dismantled with the utmost care.

Partner with PBM Contractors LTD for Dismantling Services

For us, safety is a high priority, and we ensure our dismantling and demolition projects follow all safety regulations from start to finish. We have 28 years of experience in demolitions behind us, passed down through our family-run business since 1986. With regular training to keep our safety knowledge up to date and a full portfolio of industry accreditations, PBM is a name you can trust with any dismantling or strip-out services.

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