Birmingham Demolition Contractors

Whatever your demolition requirements, we provide safe demolition services across the West Midlands.

At PBM Contractors our skilled operatives are trained to demolish a wide range of structures. With extensive demolition equipment, highly skilled CPCS (demolition category) operators and project managers, we can provide a comprehensive demolition and excavations service on all kinds of buildings and structures.

Our excavators range from 5 to 40 Tonnes, enabling us to demolish a vast range of structures. Our larger excavators are equipped with pulverisor and shear attachments which enables our operators to demolish large steel and concrete structures safely, with greater ease.

Our skilled operatives are also trained and experienced in hand demolition, for those instances where the works are too intricate for mechanical demolition.

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What is involved in the demolition process?

Demolition is the action of safely reducing / removing a building or man-made structure. Demolition is usually mechanical but sometimes by hand using specialist tools and equipment. The materials are all usually taken off-site for disposal, recycling or re-use; hardcore materials (concrete/brick) are sometimes crushed on site for re-use in the building process which usually follows demolition.

What kind of demolition methods are used?

Usually, Demolition is carried out mechanically by a hydraulic demolition specification excavator. The excavator will use a variety of attachments depending on the structure being demolished.

Hand demolition is used in a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Indoor demolition
  • Separation
  • If close to the neighbouring building
  • If an excavator cannot access

What are the safety measures involved in the demolition process?

  • Surveying the building condition before demolition. 
  • Surveying the building for asbestos before demolition and ensuring its safe removal.
  • Using correct up-to-date, certified machinery suitable for the task.
  • Establishing exclusion zones during demolition works. 
  • Dampening down at all times (dust suppression). 
  • Ensuring accurate communication between all parties on site.
  • Use of a banksman at all times in communication with the excavator operator.
  • Ensuring the correct method of demolition is used usually from top to bottom/ a systematic process.
  • Ensuring all PBM employees are trained to the highest standard. CCDO cards. CPCS cards. UKATA asbestos removal / awareness.

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