Environmental Remediation Services West Midlands

We provide environmental site remediation services to remove contaminants from brownfield sites all across the West Midlands.

We’ve tackled large and complicated sites before, leaving the area clean and safe for new construction work to begin. Our team are highly trained in decontamination and safe disposal of hazardous materials, taking every precaution to ensure that unacceptable risks from pollution are avoided.

What is Environmental Remediation?

Depending on the site, Environmental remediation is sometimes required to remove harmful elements from the area. If the site was previously used for chemical processing or manufacturing, gasworks or another industrial process, or if the structure may have had asbestos, the soil or groundwater could be contaminated with chemicals harmful to the environment and people in the area.

In these cases, your local authority planning committee may require you to procure land remediation services before beginning any new use. Land remediation contractors like us can manage the decontamination process safely and responsibly, in line with the Environmental Protection Act (Part 2A, 1990), Building Regulations and Environmental Permitting Regulations. We manage HSE-licensed sub-contractors to assess the situation, and conduct soil or water testing to ensure we understand all potential contaminants.

What does the process for environmental remediation involve?

We manage all remediation work to ensure health, safety and environmental standards are maintained. The first part of any water or land remediation is always to look at the history of the site and test for relevant contaminants.

The majority of environmental contamination is treatable, so once testing is done, we plan a strategy for decontamination. This will depend on both the site (whether there is soil or water to be treated) and the contaminant.

Part of this planning includes measures to protect the neighbouring environment during the ground remediation process. We are committed to ensuring our land remediation services do not cause undue risk or harm to the local environment, and take seriously our responsibility to remove, transport and dispose of contaminants safely.

Once a plan is agreed we work with a trusted and licensed sub-contractor to carry out the environmental remediation within the timeline and to appropriate HSE standards.

What kind of methods are used in environmental land remediation?

Environmental remediation methods are divided into two groups, depending on where the process is carried out:

  1. In-Situ mechanisms treat the soil on site, within the subsurface.
  2. Ex-Situ mechanisms excavate the contaminated soil and treat it elsewhere.

Here are some examples of environmental remediation techniques that we may conduct to treat your brownfield site, depending on the contaminants present:

Clearing and removing asbestos in sealed plastic to a licensed waste facility.

Using microbial enzymes to break down contaminants

Using a permeable reactive barrier (PRB) to treat groundwater

Creating reduction/oxidation reactions to convert hazardous compounds into less toxic ones.

Using wells to introduce a circulatory pattern in the groundwater, pumping through screened sections before returning it to the aquifer.

Neutralising the acidity or alkalinity or soil or groundwater.

A longer-term approach, using plants to concentrate and extract pollutants from soil or water sources.

Creating an impermeable barrier to contain contamination sources or waste bodies below the ground surface.

What safety measures are involved in an environmental remediation process?

We value safety highly, training our team regularly on safe asbestos removal and we only work with HSE-licensed sub-contractors we trust. We ensure all contaminants are removed in sealed containers within lockable vehicles and disposed of using licensed facilities. We also provide proof or removal for clients’ records.

Why Choose PBM Birmingham Demolition Contractors

Our experienced team have managed the successful dismantling and remediation of multiple sites in the West Midlands. We are registered with the Environment Agency and accredited under Waste Regulations 2011. We regularly have positive feedback from clients, commending our professionalism, reliability and consideration for the public.

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