Industrial Demolition Contractors

We provide demolition services for industrial sites, managing the complexities that come with warehouse demolition and factory demolition. For Industrial demolition services, it’s important to work with experts who can dismantle both interiors and structures safely and effectively.

What different types of industrial demolition do we we cover?

Most demolitions are straightforward, but with industrial sites, there is plenty to consider, including partitions, machinery, chemical containers and methods of dismantling. We regularly undertake internal and structural demolition of industrial sites such as factories, warehouses and workshops. See below the different industrial areas we cover for our demolition services.

Factory Demolition

Our factory demolition service involves the safe and efficient removal of a factory building. Our experienced team begins with a site survey to assess the building’s structure and any hazardous materials, such as asbestos. Once we have developed a plan for dismantling the factory, we begin the process of removing the materials. Our team is trained to ensure that all waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Warehouse Demolition

Dismantling a warehouse typically involves the removal of partition walls, conveyors, shelving and flooring, before removing roofing and dismantling the full structure. We are able to demolish warehouses quickly and efficiently, and if required, retain parts of the structure for reuse.

Production & more

Industrial Demolition may refer to other types of buildings, such as workshops, garages, paint shops and more. Our team can strip out industrial buildings to remove machinery, fixtures and other features before dismantling steel frameworks or other building structures. With PBM’s careful planning, any industrial building can be demolished quickly and efficiently.

What does the process for factory and warehouse demolition involve?

The initial step in the process is to perform a comprehensive survey of the buildings, which will inform a strategy for dismantling and demolition. This inspection will entail identifying the materials used in the building’s construction, evaluating the presence of hazardous materials like asbestos, examining the shared drainage and utilities with other buildings, and assessing the impact of the project on the local community. These particulars will help us in our planning and scheduling for the demolition.

The plans for industrial demolition will include appropriate techniques, the order in which they will be used, health and safety procedures, and a waste management plan, which will provide clarity to all stakeholders about each stage of the process.

Before the demolition of the industrial site, we provide a complete strip-out service that involves removing all partitions, equipment, fixtures & fittings, stairways and flooring. Based on the requirements of the project, we may also take apart and strip windows, doors, internal walls, electrics, air conditioning and machinery. These components can be salvaged and repurposed in new structures.

Once the building is vacant and the utilities are disconnected, we commence the dismantling of the exterior structure, following the project’s specifications.

What kind of demolition methods are used for industrial dismantling?

Our industrial dismantling service utilizes a combination of proven and innovative techniques to safely and efficiently remove industrial buildings.

Our methods for industrial dismantling may include:

  • Manual or hand demolition of the interior and structures
  • Demolition using standard or high-reach excavators
  • Top-down demolition

Our team of experts selects the appropriate method for each project based on its unique requirements.

What are the safety measures involved in an industrial demolition process?

All workforce will have an induction to the industrial site and discuss the methods and environment so that everyone is aware of potential hazards.

For every project, we prepare and discuss fire and emergency plans and include these in the H&S induction. We put in measures to reduce and monitor dust, noise and vibration, and all workforce wear full PPE.

In industrial settings, there may be heavy machinery and hazardous substances to be aware of. Our site survey will flag any of these before the project starts so that we can include any complex industrial hazards in our planning and briefing.
We also work to ensure all waste is disposed of appropriately and that the site is closed so that nobody enters the area unauthorised.

Choose PBM Demolition Contractors, Birmingham for Industrial Demolition

We have stacked up over 28 years of experience in demolitions, keeping our knowledge up to date since 1986. As a family-run business, the safety of our sites and operations is a high priority, so we ensure our industrial demolition projects follow all appropriate safety regulations from start to finish. With regular training and a full portfolio of industry accreditations, PBM is a name you can trust.

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