Utility Services: Gas & Electrical Demolition

Before demolition can be carried out, it is important to disconnect the structure from utilities such as gas, electric and water provision.

Before demolition can be carried out, it is important to disconnect the structure from utilities such as gas, electric and water provision. PBM Contractors support with decommissioning building utilities so that we avoid causing oil, gas or water leaks during the dismantling or demolition of the structure. Feel free to contact us to discuss any utilities that require disconnection.

Oil, Gas & Electrical Demolition Services

In most cases, the property requires a multi-utility disconnection to ensure everything is taken out safely. PBM can liaise with utility providers and ensure the supplies are fully disconnected for demolition, in line with the guidance set out in DRG10:2014. This includes disconnecting the structure from overhead powerlines. We ensure we obtain full proof of disconnection for the site records and stay on top of the process through regular contact with the suppliers.

Electrical Demolition Services

Electrical demolition involves disconnecting the electrical supply, removal of meters and electrical equipment and proper disposal of mercury and devices containing PCB. We carry out a full assessment and contact relevant suppliers to remove meter(s) and arrange disconnection.

Gas Demolition services

To avoid gas leaks, we must disconnect gas for demolition. Our team will contact the vendor to remove the gas meters and disconnect gas supply for demolition so that there is no risk of gas leaks or combustion during the demolition process.

Oil Demolition services

Disconnecting oil supplies is important to avoid spilling oil during a demolition project. Where there is an oil supply, we get in touch with the fuel supplier to remove any tanks or other equipment and ensure the supply is fully disconnected before we proceed with dismantling or demolishing the structures.

What does the process for electrical and gas demolition involve?

Our experienced contractors will carry out a full site survey to understand what work is required to carry out electrical demolition and gas supply disconnection safely.

This survey will determine any other utilities to disconnect and whether supplies are shared with neighbouring properties, which can result in extra stages to the process.

We then identify and contact the utility service providers to arrange meter removal and disconnection of supply. Our team will take responsibility for the disconnection to ensure everything goes smoothly, maintaining communication with the energy providers and being present on the site during the disconnection(s). We will obtain written certification as proof of the disconnection for the site records.

What kind of demolition methods are used for gas and electric dismantling?

Demolition methods used for gas and electric dismantling can vary depending on the specific project, the type of structure or equipment being dismantled or demolished, and the location of the site. However, there are some common methods that we used:

Disconnection: Gas and electric infrastructure are often interconnected, and as such, it’s necessary to disconnect them in a particular order to ensure that the process is safe and effective. For instance, when demolishing a power station, the electricity supply must be disconnected before the gas supply is cut off.

Safe disposal: Once the demolition work is complete, the gas and electrical equipment is removed from the site and disposed of safely in accordance with the relevant regulations.

It is essential to note that gas and electrical demolition cost is added to the final bill, as it is a complex process and only trained professionals with the necessary equipment and experience should carry out the work. For this reason, we work together with energy providers to dismantle and disconnect electrical supplies safely and effectively.

What are the safety measures involved in this demolition process?

The safety of our team, landowners, site visitors and the public is our top priority. Before every project, we carry out a full site survey, noting the entry points of power and energy supplies, underground pipes and cables, as well as any overhead cables. Our demolition strategy is designed around these site features to ensure we plan how to avoid the energy supply and remain safe on site.

Why Choose PBM Birmingham Demolition Contractors

PBM Contractors Ltd is a family-run business, formed in 1986 to provide demolition services in and around Birmingham. We value strong working relationships with our clients, as these ensure smooth operation and information flow for us and that our clients have confidence in our skills and understanding of the requirements.

We are accredited under a number of schemes highlighting our values of safety and quality through best practices. With clients of all sizes in our network, we’re proud to be one of Birmingham’s trusted demolition contractors.

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