Site Clearance & Accommodation Works

Providing a safe blank slate for construction work. PBM employs a team of highly skilled site clearance fencing contractors with years of experience.

Private and Commercial site clearance across the West Midlands

We offer a complete site clearance service to ensure that your vacant property or land is safe for use by your staff or contractors. By clearing waste from demolitions and other works quickly and effectively, our services can help keep construction work on schedule. We offer both private and commercial site clearance in the West Midlands.

What is Site Clearance?

Site clearance in building construction is a service removing waste and hazardous materials from an area. Site clearance aims to prepare the ground for construction works. Using heavy machinery to move and sort materials, remove topsoil and process waste, our experienced demolitions team leaves behind a clear, useable site. Clearances can also involve removing green waste from overgrown areas, separating materials for recycling and demolishing structures.We offer  full site clearance service which will ensure that your vacant property or land is safe for use by your staff or contractors.

What are Accommodation Works?

Temporary works and structures to support the safe use of the site by all stakeholders are known as accommodation works. These can reduce adverse impacts on the community, such as using fencing and appropriate signage, site offices and information points.
PBM employs a team of fencing contractors to secure the site as required. Hoardings and Harris fencing provide a recognisable barrier to the public, creating site safety checkpoints and deterring trespassers.

What does the process for Site Clearance involve?

  • Construction site clearance works usually involve:
  • Clearing waste, debris or unwanted surplus material
  • Crushing concrete and rubble to provide hardcore
  • Removing machinery or equipment on a site
  • Recycling or Safely disposing of materials
  • Levelling ground as needed
  • Handling and removing hazardous materials such as asbestos

These works can also involve clearing overgrown foliage, demolishing derelict structures and supporting the reuse of materials such as concrete hardcore.

Work with PBM Birmingham Demolition Contractors for Site Clearance

We often provide site clearance services on demolition projects and in the pre-construction phase of new building works. Our experienced team at PBM Contractors LTD benefit from over 25 years of experience and family management. We are accredited waste carriers and demolition contractors, proud of our excellent site standards and upholding safe working methods. We value clear communication with those who hire our services, making sure everything goes smoothly without surprises.

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