Chemical Plant Demolition Services

We are able to work with complex and sensitive facilities such as chemical plants to ensure safe and environmentally responsible demolition.

Chemical factories can require many stages of decommissioning, including removal and disposal of asbestos, chemical equipment and storage, buildings and structures, as well as land remediation to ready the site for new use.

We make sure your chemical plant site is decontaminated.

With HSE-licensed subcontractors, we work to systematically clean and dismantle all tanks, vessels, pipes and equipment.

We take seriously our responsibility to protect the environment and neighbouring sites from unacceptable risks and work to avoid pollution at every juncture.

Removal and clearance are important parts of decontamination, and we seal all harmful materials before transit to secure them before their disposal at a licensed facility.

What does the process of chemical plant demolition involve?

We manage our demolitions carefully, beginning with a site survey to create an accurate plan of action. Chemical demolition works begin with removing any asbestos sheeting, to avoid this being damaged during the dismantling of other building areas.

We manage the decommissioning of gas and energy supplies and the decontamination and dismantling of chemical pipelines and storage tanks.

We then dismantle the interior, recover any assets and equipment and begin demolishing the structures and buildings.
Finally, we conduct subsurface testing to assess whether environmental remediation will be required.

What are the safety measures involved in this demolition process?

We manage all chemical demolition works with health, safety and the environment as high priorities. We include environmental considerations in our planning after the site survey, for example considering any nearby waterways or aquifers. Where necessary, we draw on the experience of trusted and accredited sub-contractors, managing all communications and timelines to be certain the work is completed to the highest standards.

What methods are used in chemical plant decontamination & dismantling?

The techniques we use for the demolition of chemical factories depend on the existing structures and buildings to be dismantled, as well as their contents.

Contaminated items such as pipes, tanks and machinery are washed and rinsed to remove residual chemical build-up.

We dismantle structures into their component parts where possible, avoiding creating chemical waste

Large equipment such as reactors, vessels and heat exchangers are lifted from the building by a crane and processed for reuse.

Using either standard or high-reach excavators to remove material from the structure.

Flattening structures using the bulldozers.

Removing material from the site in a safe and responsible manner

Using various methods such as bioremediation, in-situ and ex-situ mechanisms to remove or reduce contamination in the soil and groundwater. We make certain that all chemical plant materials are decontaminated before disposal, avoiding pollution and re-contamination of the site and surrounding area.

Why Choose PBM Birmingham Demolition Contractors

Our experienced team have managed the successful dismantling and remediation of multiple sites in the West Midlands. With each of our clients, we ensure communication and safety are our top priorities so that nothing falls through the cracks.

We regularly have positive feedback from clients, commending our professionalism, reliability and consideration for the public.

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