Fire Damaged Factory and Offices Kings Heath, Birmingham.

The works consisted of the Demolition of a large fire damaged factory and front offices on a busy duel carriageway in Kings Heath, Birmingham.

With exception to the asbestos removal, all works were carried out by excavators ranging from 21 to 30 tonnes. The factory was dilapidated from years of neglect and the front offices fire damaged. Our skilled operatives were able to mechanically demolish the buildings whilst maintaining the integrity of neighbouring businesses, the canal/canal service yard and pedestrian footpaths.

Work included:

  • PBM acting as Principal Contractor
  • Co-operating with other contractors
  • Managing notifiable asbestos removal
  • Non-notifiable asbestos removal
  • Demolition
  • Hand demolition
  • Site clearance
  • Creating ramps to avoid fall hazards
  • Hoarding

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